Giving an advice about the best place in Greece is hard to give. It depents on what you are looking for, and what you would like to do. Our  experience is, that every island has  it own nature and atmosphere . You’ll need to discover that by your own. It is worthwhile! The travel agencies  mentioned on the Dutch home-page are the ones we have experience  with.

For foreign visitors of this website we can’t give an recommendation regarding foreign travel agencies. Dutch travel-agencies. Specialized Greek travelagencies in Holland  are for instance Ross Holidays,  Eliza was here, and Griekse Gids Reizen.  An overview of some travelagencies specialized in Greece in England, you find them here.

The anticipation of a holiday to Greece starts also on this website. Have fun!  And by now, have a wonderful trip to Greece: Καλό ταξίδι!

Welcome on the website .  As you can see, regarding the name of the site, you will mostly find pictures  of  the places we have visited in Greece during our holidays. This site will be a pleasure for a regular Greece-visitors, and for  everyone who wants to visit Greece  is this website a wonderful opportunity to orientate. You won’t find many information, but only references to other websites, where  you can find more information regarding a certain subject. For instance the button “Links” : you find references to the websites which gives you more information about the islands or places on the mainland we have visited. The button “Maps” will show the maps of the places we have visited.

Also information regarding Greek food, movies, books and music can be found on that page. Through the  button

Contact you can send us  an e-mail if you want to. Through the buttons left and right this on home-page, you find  the picures we made during  our holidays.

Only pictures made by us are published on these pages. Why we are such an enthousiatic  Greece-visiters is hard to discribe; it is a combination of the landscape, culture, the local people, the villages, nature, food, the (difficult) language  and the  climate.  The best way to discover Greece is to walk through a village or make an (organized)  walk through the beautiful nature and enjoy the beautiful views.  Talk with the local people and discover their culture and habbits.